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In the US election, Clinton was my clear favorite. As a European I do not have the right to vote, and yet I still I feel as if I lost. My current mood about is perfectly captured by Leonard Cohen: “You want it darker, we kill the flame”, and then he died. The entrancement I blogged about in August is gone, and like many others I am left only with sadness. I want to join the protests and shout my fear about the political future of the world to the world.

Since it would be absurd to protest in Europe, I have looked around to find literature on how to deal with my feeling of loss. Most literature I found on grief is related to bereavement, and although I feel devastated, that comparison would really be too dramatic. I did however find a useful book review on how to use positive energy from doing something creative, and also found the research on gambling losses relevant, especially this article that deals with the Frustrating Effects of Just Missing the Jackpot. I found the most comfort in: Can Crying Help? , and then especially the last sentence: “There are times when crying really can help.”







Ties Nijssen

Ties Nijssen

As a publishing editor in Philosophy of Science I have the tremendous good fortune to work with academics from all research backgrounds. This has had the welcome side-effect of gradually transforming me from my straight alpha academic background in Marketing and Philosophy, into a layman marveling at the wonders of the natural and biological sciences. I take a special interest in the role of technology in science and how this is changing our notions of Truth, Society and Humanity (yes, I remain an alpha at heart).
Ties Nijssen

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