Chicken with a side of Chlorine?

Again chickens are on the front of a trade dispute, after a debate in Europe it is now the UK who is making up its mind on whether or not it will allow chlorine-washed chicken to his their supermarkets. And indeed Chlorine, a greenish-yellow, pungent, poisonous, gaseous, corrosive, nonmetallic, univalent element, does not sound like a great sauce for Chicken. Nevertheless chlorine is used in tap water and of course we have no problems swimming in chlorine either…

A good explanation to the sensitivities is offered in the case study Disputing Chlorinated Chickens by DavidJHornsby. It seeks to consider the US–EU dispute over poultry products and, in particular, efforts to ensure their safety for consumers. Graham Purnell offers a comparative study of the antimicrobial effect of a variety of different Spray Washes for Decontamination of Chicken Carcasses.

Finally if this complete debate makes you consider starting your own small poultry cage for egg production in your backyard, take note of the study by Spliethoff that urban chickens may be exposed to lead

Ties Nijssen

Ties Nijssen

As a publishing editor in Philosophy of Science I have the tremendous good fortune to work with academics from all research backgrounds. This has had the welcome side-effect of gradually transforming me from my straight alpha academic background in Marketing and Philosophy, into a layman marveling at the wonders of the natural and biological sciences. I take a special interest in the role of technology in science and how this is changing our notions of Truth, Society and Humanity (yes, I remain an alpha at heart).
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